Just Getting Started

Photo taken by Bryan Upton

It has been sometime since I took a marketing class and so I’m a bit rusty when it comes to the specific marketing terminology. I do recall their being something about P’s.  Was it 4 P’s, 5 P’s or 7 P’s?  Let me see…I recall these being for sure these P’s on the list- PRODUCT, PRICE, PLACE AND PROMOTION.  

When I wander around each of the rooms of this old house that we call the ART HOUSE LV Gallery, I am always impressed with our PRODUCT.  We have some truly AMAZING local artists that continually blow me away with just how creative they are.  There is every style of art you can imagine here. Everything from classic oil painting, raku pottery, hand painted cowbells to bejeweled skulls of real dead animals.  There is truly something here for everyone.

Oh and let’s  talk about that 2nd P of marketing basics is- PRICE.  We have prices here that will knock your socks off.  There are seriously good deals that will fit any price budget.  If you are looking to get original art for a good value than the ART HOUSE LV Gallery is a place you have to come check out when you are in Las Vegas.

PLACE– The ART HOUSE LV is a real brick and mortar gallery located in the historic 18b Arts District of Las Vegas.  We have been at this location for over 11 years and it is the home of the original First Friday event.  The gallery is a converted 1940’s railroad house and so our new nickname of ART HOUSE LV fits us perfectly.

Now the 4th and final P, PROMOTION is the tricky part and the reason for us wanting to start this blog.  We strongly feel that we have all the other P’s covered and this last element of marketing basics is where we fall a little short.  This blog is just one strategy of a number of ideas to set this gallery a part from the rest.  We are going to strongly PROMOTE our artists, our gallery, and our events.  We are committed to taking art into the community by providing free art lessons at local parks, schools and launching our own online YouTube channel.  We have a goal of expanding and updating our current student gallery.  In 2018, we are establishing a Jan Arduini Scholarship Fund to be awarded to a deserving local senior high school student each May.

Yes, in 2018 we have big plans for PROMOTING art in the community and so we hope you will hang out with us, pull up a chair, take a load off and come enjoy some art.  We are located at 1229 S. Casino Center Blvd (corner of Colorado Ave) and are open 5 days a week.

Written by Julie Townsend 12/4/17



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