Photo taken by Bryan Upton

Did you know that the Art House LV is the only gallery in Las Vegas that has a 12 month dedicated student gallery that is offered free of charge to public or private schools alike?  Even student organizations, churches and homeschool students are invited to showcase their work here.  Please contact Becca Weeks-Howard at 702-622-1388 and she would be happy to talk to you about the gallery availability in 2018.

For the month of December, we are pleased to feature the student art of  Founders Academy – Las Vegas , where our own City of the World, Inc.  founder, Roz Knight is the art teacher on staff.   The artwork is exceptional, and you will find it worth the effort to stop by the  gallery to take a look.

The Student Reception and Art Celebration for Founders Academy will be hosted at the Art House LV Gallery  (1229 S. Casino Center Blvd) this Sunday, December 10th from 2-4 pm.  Please contact Roz with questions at 702-523-5306.


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